The more things change, somethings never will!

One of the greatest things about living in the great northwest is the amount of educated and socially involved folk. Different as the colors of the rainbow. But to our credit we love what the Northwest is, and strives to become. Of course this is the bone of contention. It is in our DNA to be vocal and honest about our separate opinions about everything. Hence I’m writing this piece and more to hopefully remind others and myself how good a thing it is that we as community are unmatched in the nation. True enough there are lot of powerful rich folk to go around,but public opinion matters here. And the love of this place is shared and fought over all the time. One of those most notable and ongoing fights is over the developement of the heart this fair city,Pioneer Square.

Yes I said it,Pioneer Square. I imagine voices murmuring already asking for break in the discussion, but I wish to encourage those of you whom give a damn that your work is appreciated. In following blogs I want to throw a couple of logs on the fire of your passions. Because its worth the fight. I’m just going to wingnut it,if you know what I mean. Walk well my friend.


About darryldorris

green-evangelist,designer/builder and consultant
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